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Current Board of Trustees:

Allen Ditch       - President

Ron Capone     - Treasurer

Sue Smeby       - Secretary

Wayne Allen

Piers Bramham

Carol Cassidy

Beth Daut

Paul Flynn

Bill Gleason

Kathy Greenwald

Judy Hastings-Keith

Primrose McVey

Gail Simmons

Marsha Smith

Elaine Stathopolous


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The Otto J Hamele Historic Walking Tour of Wanakena: Dedicated during the 2002Wanakena Centennial celebration, allows visitors to walk a circle through Wanakena, which is outlined in available brochures. Along the walk are three kisosks (one pictured here) and six picture stations. At each of these locations are pictures of Wanakena, primarily from the early days when over 2,000 people lived in Wanakena and worked in logging, the mills, hotels or railroad. Short narratives describe the posted images at the picture stations and kiosks.

Wanakena Centennial Celebration: 

Great turn-out for the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Pioneer Village of Wanakena and the dedication of the Otto J Hamele historical walking tour in 2002.

Planning the Walking Tour: 

 Some of the founding members of the WHA discussing pictures and narratives to be included in the Walking Tour. From left to right: Polly Hamele (1st treasurer), Faye Flemming, Susan Smeby (1st secretary), Marie Twyman & Anthony, Allen Ditch, John Steinberg, Carin Donovan, and Bill Gleason (1st President)

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