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Coordinated by: Otto’s Abode and the Wanakena Historical Association

Let your creative and competitive spirit loose at the 6th annual White Out Weekend Festival by adding to the fun of the many scheduled events. Compete against family, friends and new rivals for a chance to win Clifton-Fine WOW bragging rights!

Join the fun by entering as an individual or as a team!

All you need are a pal or two, a team captain, creative idea(s), maybe some snow sculpting tools, and your spirit of fun, adventure, and creativity! Enter as an: individual artist, family, organization, or school team.

To view examples and ideas for sculptures SEE BELOW!

Entering the Contest

To Register a Sculpture, submit the following information to

  • Artist or Team Name and Team members
  • Brief sculpture description and/or sculpture title
  • Sculpture Location
  • Suggest that sculptures are erected near or on the route to other sponsored WOW events (CF School; Library, on Route 3 between UB’s and Stone Manor, Wanakena Green vicinity)
  • Sculptures must be registered prior to Thursday February 6th to be included on the official Whiteout Weekend 2020 Map.
  • All artwork must be in erected and in place by 4:00pm Friday February 14th.

email entries or questions to: . For questions about the contest, call 315-848-2428.

Finished sculptures can be individually lit after dark so that they can be viewed both day or night.

The White Out Weekend Committee reserves the right to use images of submissions for publicity, always with full credit to the artist(s).


Selection of winners will be judged on

  • Quality of Design
  • Execution
  • Originality of Idea

Judging will close at 3 pm February 15th

Deadline: All submissions must be received no later than Thursday February 6, 2020.

Examples of Outdoor Sculptures

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